International air transport

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  The international air transportation here refers to an international transportation mode of airport. The advantages of air transportation are fast, safe and punctual, which greatly shortens the delivery time, which is very beneficial for the logistics supply chain to speed up capital turnover and circulation. However, as the international air transportation mentioned here is only the transportation mode of domestic delivery to foreign airports, generally speaking, it does not include terminal customs clearance and delivery services, so this service is only suitable for some customers with specific needs.
   Wanshihao is vigorously expanding its international air transportation services, providing dozens of international well-known airlines in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other airports with direct and transit air transportation export business around the world. Its air transportation services can meet the needs of all businesses, and provide customized air transportation solutions for different shippers. Through long-term cooperation with major domestic and foreign airlines and international airports, we have established a huge international cooperation network. In Iran, Dubai and some European countries, there are local cooperative and stable agents with strong customs clearance capabilities.