International Express

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    The advantages of UPS DHL FEDEX TNT are that it is the fastest in relative time, generally arriving at the local place within 48 hours, and signing in for the whole process for about 3-7 days; the final carrier is an international express giant enterprise, which ensures the safety of goods transfer; the goods track is transparent and updated quickly, and the status of goods in the whole process is clear at a glance, which can be queried at any time, and the situation of goods transfer can be grasped at any time. International express is very suitable for customers with high timeliness requirements and small batch of samples for export.
    As an old brand enterprise in the express industry, wanshihao has been operating in the international logistics industry for more than ten years. It is a first-class agent service provider of the international express giants ups and TNT. With a large number of first-hand resources and rich industry experience, it can provide you with more comprehensive and reliable express service. At the same time, the company has four major express accounts, independent voucher making, and the goods are directly handed over to the four major express delivery companies. The company's main focus is time effective service. If your goods require high time limit, you need to choose express service, wanshihao is undoubtedly your best choice!