International line

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    Customized services for foreign trade export enterprises to help them improve product competitiveness. The first flight will be sent to the airport by air or sea. After the clearance, UPS, FedEx and truck will be used to deliver the goods to the door, so as to realize the one-stop service of package clearance, package dispatch and tax payment. Can be connected to Amazon FBA, overseas warehouse, business address, private address, can be connected to live products, general trade declaration. The biggest advantage of the special line is the price, so the relative efficiency will be slower. Of course, there are also some special lines that are not delivered by express delivery! As the goods are directly carried by the freight forwarding company, the strength and reputation of the freight forwarding company directly determine the service capacity of the special line, so it is essential to choose a company with strong strength and good reputation!
    Wanshihao is a well-known enterprise in the express delivery industry. It has been operating in the international logistics industry for more than ten years. It is the first group of Companies in Shenzhen to start operating international logistics. It has a large number of industry information, high industry reputation, reliable and stable overseas qingpai partners, and strong ability in cargo operation and problem-solving. At present, wanshihao operates international special lines: Australia, Japan, Russia and the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.