How to avoid customs clearance and tariff for international

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In the international e-commerce, there are many channels to deliver goods, and customers have many choices, but they all need to face a problem of tariff. Each country will be different in terms of tariff amount, charge and handling operation. Our specific operation suggestions to customers will be determined according to the specific situation of each country. But in the basic operation, we suggest the following suggestions for customers to avoid customs at the destination.
First of all, on the package, it should be well packed to avoid strange shapes. On the outside of the package, it should not be marked with logo, etc. Especially for mass customers, it's better not to deliver goods on the same day. Because a large number of goods arrive at the destination, the probability of being inspected will be very high. International express if the same day, send several international express to the same address in the same country. It is better to use different specifications and different colors of packaging. International express delivery is more than 2 days apart each time. Even more often. The general suggestion is that the last customs clearance is completed and the next batch of express mail is the best.
Secondly, control the weight of the goods to avoid the case of unpacking. The weight of each box of express mail should not exceed 20 kg. If it is the international express bulk cargo control in 10-20kg is the best. At present, foreign customs pay more attention to large-scale sales. We hope that customers will pay attention to this.
Then there is the choice of the shipping address. If there are many international express mails, try to find as many addresses as possible and the packing specifications should be different. If the same address is frequently used, the customs deduction rate is very high. If there is no redundant address, please pay attention to the international express delivery cycle.
Finally, as for the amount of international express declaration, it is suggested that you do not report the value to US $30 when you declare for international express. Of course, the specific situation of each country will be different. It is suggested to contact our company for business consultation. Because of the high value, your consignee abroad will pay a lot of tariffs. And in terms of customs clearance will be more strict, often will hold the express delivery, and then let your recipient show the relevant commercial invoice. Especially in European and American countries, the inspection of goods above US $30 is relatively strict.