UPS international express inquiry, UPS tracking by reference

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UPS international express query, UPS tracking by reference code, UPS international express, UPS original order number query
Fixed line: 800-820-8388 (800 is a toll free hotline, please feel free to use it. For customers who have not opened 800 telephone area, please dial 400 hotline with mobile phone)
Mobile users: 400-820-8388
UPS Express Internet query website:
Enter the ups waybill number directly: LOC = zh CN & wt.svl = subnav
Tracking by reference code: LOC = zh CN & wt.svl = subnav
At present, many companies that use UPS Express agent in Hong Kong need to track by reference code to query. Entering UPS Express query page, you can query without changing any setting input number. For those who use the agent account, please input a word plus 10 digit number in the upper right corner of the waybill to query. Some companies that use UPS trade account in Hong Kong need to input 10 digit number without letters To query.