Choose channels for international EMS express delivery

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EMS express, with its relatively low price, perfect network coverage and high-quality service, has a very high market share in domestic e-commerce. It is the best choice for international e-commerce to choose international express delivery. The professional agents are Guangzhou EMS, Hunan EMS, China Post EMS, etc. the channels of Post EMS are different in charge, price, regulation, and service time limit, so we need to make targeted choice.
If China Post EMS charges according to the first weight and renewal weight, the first weight is generally 0.5kg, and the renewal weight is 0.5kg, and there is no delivery fee in remote areas. For the fuel surcharge charged by other commercial express delivery, China Post EMS also does not charge. In customs clearance, some special countries such as Russia, Britain, France, etc. The customs clearance of Postal EMS is faster and more advantageous than commercial express delivery. All customs clearance has postal agent customs clearance.
The first is China Post EMS channel. At present, China Post EMS channel, also known as Guangzhou EMS in Guangzhou, is a direct Post EMS channel in Guangzhou. In terms of price, Guangzhou EMS has a lower price, and the delivery time limit is 3-8 days, which is very fast.
Packaging: in general, express companies provide free packaging, cartons, air bubbles and other packaging materials, but many items, such as clothing, do not need to be particularly detailed packaging, but some valuable and fragile items, express companies still need to charge a certain packaging fee. Packing charges are generally not included in the discount.