Notes on international express package

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When delivering a package, the user shall select appropriate packaging materials according to the nature, size, weight, distance of delivery and transportation of the items.
1. For fragile and fragile articles, a space of 2cm shall be reserved between the inner parts and the box board, and the soft materials shall be used to fully fill. When there is more than one article in the box, it shall be wrapped with corrugated paper, sponge and other articles respectively to prevent collision and damage during transportation.
Liquid and soluble articles shall be put into completely sealed containers first, then into boxes, and then filled in boxes according to the above methods.
For greasy and fishy goods and colored dry powder, they should be sealed with an oil tight sheath and then sent in the box.
2. The soft, dry, pressure resistant and collision free articles can be packed with cloth and boxes.
3. Valuables, such as watches, cameras, gold and silver articles, jewelry, etc., shall be packed in solid and pressure resistant paper or metal boxes or wooden boxes. The space in the boxes shall be properly filled with soft materials, and the outside of the boxes shall be packed with tough paper or cloth.
When the user delivers the package, the post office staff shall inspect the internal parts. Please prepare the packing materials before delivery, and then pack the package after the staff inspects.